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Please find below the quotes from today's final press conference ahead of this weekend's historic #Legacy event in Dubai, as Jamel Herring defends his WBO super-featherweight title against Carl Frampton.

The D4G Promotions event takes place at Caesars Palace Dubai on Saturday, as Herring (22-2, 10 KOs) puts his belt on the line against Frampton (28-2, 16 KOs), in what is the biggest fight to ever take place in the region.

It is sponsored by Everlast, Sports Direct and Kinetic, and broadcast on ESPN+ in the USA, on Channel 5 in the UK and Ireland, ABC CBN in the Middle East and Dubai, TFC in the Philippines and on IFL TV for the rest of the world.

Elsewhere on the event, Zhankosh Turarov and Tyrone McKenna meet for the WBO Intercontinental super-lightweight title, American prodigy Keyshawn Davis faces Richman Ashelley, four-weight world champion Donnie Nietes clashes with Pablo Carillo for the vacant WBO International super-flyweight title, Kazakhstan sensation Tursynbay Kulakhmet defends his WBC International super-welterweight title against 20-0 opponent Heber Rondon, and local stars Faizan Anwar and Fahad Al Bloushi return.

Here's everything that was set during Thursday's final press conference:

JAMEL HERRING: "Thank you to Ahmed Seddiqi, D4G Promotions, MTK Global and Top Rank. It's been great since I've been here. People have been open hearted and I've got to do a little sight seeing too.

"Everything in my life has formed me to who I am today. If you look at my military experience and even before then to my upbringing and how I was raised, it has made me the man I am today.

"I've told people throughout camp that I'm a fan of Carl. He's a two-division champion and besides his accolades in the ring, he's a father and a husband like myself, so we both share common mutual respect. We want to do our job and get back to our families.

"We've prepared for the best version of Carl, and with everything that he has done in his career, he will be the biggest name on my resume. I've been invited to Belfast many times, so maybe down the road me and him can get that pint."

TRAINER BRIAN MACINTYRE: "We have spent time brilliantly in this camp. Jamel has looked fantastic and all of the coaches and nutritionists are happy.

"I've loved the experience so far in Dubai. The treatment we have received has been great, and I'm definitely going to go back home and brag about what a great time we've had."

CARL FRAMPTON: "First of all I want to thank Ahmed Seddiqi, D4G Promotions and MTK Global for making this fight happen. It has been a long time coming and has been talked about for well over a year.

"I've been in Dubai for three weeks now and it was definitely beneficial to get out here early. I'm used to my surroundings and the heat, and we've been able to finish off a good camp.

"It would mean the world to me to become a three-weight world champion, not just for me but for the people that have helped me on my journey. I'm very proud of what I've done in my career so far, and this is a chance to go down as the only ever three-weight world champion from the whole island of Ireland.

"I would join an elite bunch of fighters, so I'm determined to make sure that happens. I respect Jamel Herring and his time, and for me to win this fight I need to get it perfect on the night. I'm fully confident, and feel like the stars are coming together."

TRAINER JAMIE MOORE: "At the start of camp you sort of have a vision in your mind of where you want Carl to be at the end of camp, and he's managed to exceed that. I couldn't have asked for things to go better.

"Everything has fell into place, and he has put himself in a position to pull off a historic win and achieve something that no other Irishman has ever done."

D4G PROMOTIONS PROMOTER AHMED A SEDDIQI: "A lot of hard work has been put into this to bring the world title fight to Dubai. For the past two years we have been working on smaller shows, and now we are here with a huge event.

"I am proud, and it is an important fight for the country and for the region to help to develop the sport at the highest level. The plan is to continue growing the sport here as much as we can.

"Everything is a work in progress and we are looking for the best talent in the region, it will take time, but we will get there. This is just the beginning. Dubai is a great city with a lot of different nationalities, and there will be a lot of eyes on Dubai this weekend.

"People call Dubai the Las Vegas of the Middle East. We have the perfect infrastructure, the best hotels and restaurants, and the only thing we were missing is big sporting events, well now they are here.

"This is a really good card full of fantastic fights, and the main event between Jamel Herring and Carl Frampton has been one year in the making. We can't wait."

ZHANKOSH TURAROV: "All this time I have been training and I am in great shape. I am coming to win on Saturday and I will do so with a great performance.

"He was in the Golden Contract and I was meant to be in that too but couldn't compete. If I had been in it then there would have been a different winner of the tournament, as it would have been me.

"People may say that he is taller and a southpaw, but I train with southpaw boxers all the time so it will not be too difficult, it will just be a win for me this weekend."

TYRONE MCKENNA: "My camp has been brilliant. I have heard a lot of people say that this is a risky fight for me to take, but I want to change people's thinking that you shouldn't be scared to take these fights. Risk creates reward.

"A lot of fighters are scared to lose their 0, but I've lost mine and I still get this chance. If you take the hard fights and the ones that entertain the fans, that's how you gather a fan base. If you get beat, another chance will come.

"Turarov will be a hard fight, but I've got a solid chin, balls of steel and a heart ready for a war. He's been out of the ring for 19 months and had a lot of inactivity in his career, and I think that will show on Saturday.

"No matter how much sparring or training you do, you can't replicate the way a fight is. You need to be fighting regularly, and you will see a war from me on Saturday."

KEYSHAWN DAVIS: It's very special to be out here in Dubai. It's a new experience for my career and I'm grateful to be here. From the undercard up until the main event it's a show you don't want to miss, I hope the fans tune in.

I have watched a lot of my opponent. He's 10-1 and his only loss is by disqualification, I feel like he's a step up from my debut opponent but it will bring the best out of me. I feel like going into this fight it will be no different from my debut."

RICHMAN ASHELLEY: "I'm here to prove myself to the world. I don't talk much but I promise I will show every promoter and manager why they should sign me, and I will prove myself to my opponent."

DONNIE NIETES: "I'm so happy and excited that finally for the first time since 2018 I will be able to get back in the ring and fight. This is the best time to come back with the guidance of D4G Promotions and MTK Global.

"Pablo is a good guy and he knows how to fight, but this will be an exciting performance from me. The pandemic and COVID doesn't hinder my dreams to continue in boxing. I have been given this opportunity and I want to win it and then fight the world champions in the super-flyweight division."

PABLO CARRILLO: "I'm excited to fight in Dubai and excited to be fighting with such a great champion, but I am a champion too. I have a lot of experience with previous fighters and champions, and that has prepared me not only for this fight, but to remain motivated and hungry in my career.

"First and foremost I am very grateful for the opportunity to come here, so thank you to the sponsors and organisers. I will produce a good fight for everybody."

TURSYNBAY KULAKHMET: "The camp went pretty well. It was my first time training in Manchester under Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis, and we have been doing this for two months.

"I've been training alongside Carl Frampton and to train with him at world level definitely boosted my confidence. I will show everything that I have learned and fans will see what I am capable of."

HEBER RODON: "I am very excited and emotional about being here and fighting in my first international fight. I'm excited to show my skills outside of Venezuela.

"I am a champion in South America, and I want to show my capabilities. I know Tursynbay and have been following his career, but I have been focusing on my own preparation and development. I have prepared well and I'm expecting a positive result."

FAIZAN ANWAR: "I have managed to be active over the past year because of the support of my management D4G Promotions. Most fighters didn't fight throughout 2020, but I was thankful to fight a lot.

"I have prepared very well for this fight, I have had a full camp, and we will see on Saturday night what will happen."

EVGENII VAZEM: "I am confident for this fight, and I've had a very good time in training. I have fought a lot of different prospects in my career, and I am ready to give it my best. I have only come here for the win."

FAHAD AL BLOUSHI: "It's amazing and a surreal feeling to be a part of history. Not just on a world title card, but the biggest fight ever in the Middle East. Thank you to D4G Promotions and Ahmed A Seddiqi, I hope I make the country proud.

"I was a late bloomer into boxing. I started at 19, but that didn't stop me achieving what I wanted in the sport. I have been through tough training camps in my career, and I want to continue having success."

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